My career has been shaped by passions I found at a young age:thrill seeking through both sports and creative work - especially drawing. Coupled  with an insatiable curiosity, design was a natural avenue for me.

Throughout the multiple projects I have worked on, what has remained most thrilling to me is the research at the beginning of a project, then solving the various problems it presents by creatively implementing the gathered insights. I believe the key to any successful product is thinking of it as part of a system including the user, it’s environment, the product itself and it’s end life. Seeking to the how and why things function a certain way and of the way that we interact with them will guide this process.
I have a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design from the University of Montreal and have three years experience as a Color & Trend Designer and as a Footwear Designer for Merrell, an outdoor footwear brand. I also have experience with Graphic Design through various projects as a freelancer and experience building furniture for personal projects. I now work for Tactix, a design agency specialized in performance products for start-ups and big brands alike.
Work Experience
since 2013
Action Sports
Outdoor Sports
Team Sports
Protective Equipment
Wearable Tech

Compression gear
Sleeping Bags
Baseball CAtchers mask
line of protective hockey gear

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