At a very young age I found my passion: thrill seeking through both sports and creative work - especially drawing. This has shaped my career into becoming a multidisciplinary designer.
Throughout the multiple projects I have worked on, what has remained most thrilling to me is the research at the beginning of a project, synthesizing of the information found, and solving the various problems it presents. I am insatiably curious; I am always seeking answers to the how and why of the way things work and of the way that we interact with them. I believe that research and paying close attention to the user’s needs, problems, actions, and reactions is the key to any successful product. 
I have a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design from the University of Montreal and have three years experience as a Color &Trend Designer and as a Footwear Designer for Merrell, an outdoor-wear brand. I also have experience with Graphic Design through various projects as a freelancer and experience building furniture for personal projects. I now work for Tactix, a design consultancy agency specialized in performance products.
Work Experience
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